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Why Work With Us?


We've encountered a myriad of situations, (foreclosures, probates, evictions, squatters, divorce, etc.) and can help you get the deal closed. Whether you're a homeowner, an agent, or a wholesaler, if you have a property that's facing a difficult situation, we have the expertise to get it closed!

Competitive Offers

We provide competitive cash offers to ensure a speedy and seamless transaction. When working with us, you won't have to worry about contingencies. We buy houses with cash which means there's no appraisal contingencies or loan contingencies. We can also close within 7 days!

Less Fees Involved

If you're an agent, we can go in unrepresented, or dual represented, to help your clients save money and, possibly, allow you to make more commission. On top of that, we don't mind covering the seller's side closing costs, when possible, to ensure the homeowners net as much as possible.

Sellers Come First

If it's not a win-win situation for everyone involved, it's not a deal for us. We pride ourselves in putting the seller's interest first by going above and beyond when the seller's need our assistance. We've helped with moving costs, post occupancies, etc. and are prepared to help whenever we can!

Situations We Can Help With

  • Outdated Properties (Any condition)

  • Inherited / Probate / Estate Sales

  • Divorce or Separation

  • Financial Distress

  • Quick Relocation

  • Unwanted Rental Properties

  • Problem Tenants

  • On or Off Market

  • Plus more!

Dedicated Real Estate Team

We have a dedicated real estate team to ensure your transaction gets closed seamlessly and in a timely manner. From the initial point of contact to the end of the transaction, we strive to provide you with a professional, enjoyable experience to ensure your time working with us is worthwhile.

Tap into Our Investor Network

We have a massive network within the real estate investing community meaning if we can't close on a transaction ourselves, we likely know someone who can. When working with us, you're also utilizing our massive network of investors to ensure your deals get sold!

Meet The Team

Laura Venter


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Phone : (702) 241-0900

Email: laura@leadpropertysolution.com


"I can't express enough how LEAD Property Solutions has transformed my real estate investment journey. The platform's intuitive interface, expert guidance, and access to exclusive deals have been invaluable."

"As a newcomer to real estate wholesaling, I was initially overwhelmed by the complexity of the market. LEAD Property Solutions changed everything for me. Their educational resources, step-by-step guidance."

How Fast Can You Close?

We can close as soon within 7-14 days, assuming the title is free and clear to close.

Do You Buy On Market Deals?

Absolutely! We buy on and off market properties.

What Makes Your Company Different?

[Your Company Name] stands out for several reasons. First, we prioritize transparency and trust in all transactions, ensuring fair and honest dealings for all parties involved. Second, we are go-givers and love providing value, so we only want to do a deal if it's a win-win for all of us. Third, we have a passion for real estate and do this because we love to do it, not solely for the money.